Yeast Nation (the triumph of life)

It is the year 3,000,458,000 BC!  The Earth’s surface is a molten mass of volcanic islands and undulating waves!  The atmosphere is a choking fog lit by a dim red sun!  And the mighty waters of the world are inhabited only by rocks, sand, salt, more rocks, a little silt maybe, and the great society of salt-eating yeasts – yes, yeasts! – that were the worlds very first life form!

Yeast Nation (the triumph of life), arguably the world’s first bio-historical musical, premiered at The Perseverance Theater in Juneau, Alaska in 2007, made it’s lower 48 premier at The American Theater Company in Chicago, Illinois, in 2009, and most recently played to great acclaim at The New York International Fringe Festival in 2011.

Yeast Nation rose triumphantly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the fall of 2013! It will rise again in the fall of 2014 – in San Francisco! All hail the yeasts!