The Truth About Santa

Santa Claus is tired of the lies.  Like the gods of old, he too has his mortal mistresses.  This Christmas Eve he will bring Mary, his favorite earthly consort, and Luke and Freya, their illegitimate, semi-divine children, back to his North Pole compound to live with him – forever!  Mrs. Claus, not surprisingly, resists.  First she withholds Santa’s beloved joy-weed.  Then she tries to poison Mary and the children with some delicious candy-wine.  And as the singing elf-slaves Jo-Jo and Jim-Jim, and Mary’s drunkard husband George, are drawn into the marital mêlée, all Hell – quite literally – breaks loose.

“A holiday show for people sick of holiday shows… and an epic story with hints of Disney and Greek myth in a warm-hearted family affair.” -The New York Times

“A big holiday helping of slapstick, madcap family fare…this fast-paced, campy romp shows the darker side of the Santa myth.” – Edge New York

“Marvelously sillyan authentic treat for harried minds…” – Stage and Cinema

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