The Boringest Poem in the World

Annie Odwalla hates poetry. When she’s assigned a powerfully sleep-inducing poem by her mysteriously-accented English teacher, she sets out with her best friend Abbie to investigate. Could tedious schoolwork actually be some kind of insidious plot against students everywhere? Or has she just been assigned the boring-est poem ever written? What they learn, with the help of the creepy yet intriguing new kid in school, is as potentially explosive as the poem is dull.

Check it!  This play was commissioned by Playscripts and The Keen Company because high school kids don’t have enough material written specifically for them, with age appropriate parts and no bad language!  Not that kids don’t use bad language but, you know, no need to make them do a David Mamet play for their spring show.

Wanna know more?  Then read these sample pages.

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