Pig Farm

(Pig Farm premieres in London this October!)

On a struggling pig farm somewhere in America, Tom and Tina (with the help of Tim, their hired hand) fight to hold onto everything have – namely, a herd of fifteen thousand restless pigs.  Dumping sludge into the river has driven Tom to drink, and Tim seems to have caught Tina’s eye, but when Teddy, an officer of the Environmental Protection Agency arrives to inspect the operation, life on the farm explodes, implodes, then explodes again.  Not literally, of course, but…you get the idea.

“Scribe Greg Kotis, who elevated toilet humor to Tony-winning levels in Urinetown, applies the same quirky comic sensibility to animal husbandry in this disgustingly funny farce, which is set on a rural pig farm and sends up beloved myths about hard times and heroism in the American heartland.” —Variety.

“Whip smart.” —NY Sun.

“Ludicrous.” —The New Yorker.

Intrigued?  Then surely you’ll want to read some sample pages.

And perhaps even buy a script or two.

In advance of Pig Farm’s 2015 London premiere, I visited a few Midwestern farms.  Here’s what I found!